GPD Business Services offers a wide range of training services, which can either be bespoke and ad hoc, designed with your specific business in mind, or can follow legislative/regulatory guidelines, such as Health & Safety, Data Protection or Anti-Money Laundering training.

High quality training, such as that provided by GPD Business Services, has a wide range of advantages such as helping business growth, maximising the skill potential of your workforce, in turn making your workforce more efficient, and can improve motivation and productivity. Training can also provide team building opportunities, meaning that your team can work together more effectively.

No matter the size of your business, or the size of your training needs, GPD Business Services can help. Whether you are looking for one on one training for someone who has just stepped into a role, or training for an entire department, GPD can accommodate this. While training is the most effective in small groups, it is possible to train larger groups of people or alternatively, provide several workshops during a set period of time in order to ensure that everyone gets a high quality level of training.

As well as providing training services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), GPD Business Services can offer our services to larger companies if they need specialist knowledge or interim cover for a member of their training team. GPD Business Services can also offer training services to start-up companies who do not yet have the resources to have their own training department.

GPD Business Services can also offer training audits, where one of our team can look into the training materials and structure that already exists in your business and make suggestions on how the program can be improved. This could be on one part of the training program or the training program as a whole, and can even be done for inductions.

A professional trainer will provide you with full support no matter how often, or for how long, you want their services, down to a post implementation audit. Our team provide stimulating and worthwhile training sessions which prove to be highly effective and help your workforce reach their maximum potential. Not only do we tailor the content of our training sessions to suit your business, we will also tailor the delivery method, ensuring the quality and the effectiveness of our sessions.

GPD Business Services offers training services that develop your workforce and support your business in a way and on a time scale that suits you. Whether that is a series of training sessions over a month or week, a one day training session, several sessions over the course of a day, or an interim position to cover a leave of absence, GPD can help. Our ad hoc and bespoke training services are understandable and affordable.

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Training FAQs


What if I need a trainer just for the day?

GPD offers training services for any length of time, whether that is a day, week, month or even longer. We can offer training on a one time or ad hoc basis, it is totally dependant on your needs.

What training services can GPD provide?

GPD can offer a range of training services, including bespoke packages, tailored to the needs of your business, ad hoc training even on a short notice basis, training analysis, where as member of our team will look into the training you already have in place and will make suggestions on how it can be improved, or legislation and regulatory training, such as Health & Safety, Data Protection, and Anti-Money Laundering.

What if I’ve never had a trainer in my business before?

The first time doing anything can be nerve wracking, but the GPD team is here to put you at ease, if you have any questions about the training process and how that works, or any concerns about the content, then we’re here to help!

Will GPD trainers come to my place of business to do training?

Absolutely! Whether the group of trainees is large or small sometimes it is easier and more comfortable for you if training takes place in a familiar environment, and so GPD will come to you!

What size training groups do you do?

GPD is happy to provide training for any size group, however it is often easier to train in small groups. If you have a lot of potential trainees then GPD can organise training sessions throughout the day, ensuring that everyone will receive a high standard of training.

What subjects can GPD Business Services provide?

GPD Business Services can provide training for a wide range of subjects, from each main area of business (sales, marketing, accounting, operations, HR) to specific training on subjects such as Anti-Money Laundry and Data Protection, both of which are required training for the financial services.

What will it cost?

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What distance do you travel?

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How far advance would I need to book?

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Do I need to sign a contract?

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How can I evaluate the success of your training?

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Can you train a trainer?

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Can GPD book a venue for training?

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Can GPD come into my place of work to do the training?

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