Here at GPD we want to make sure all your questions are answered. Below are the questions we are often asked. If these do not provide the answers you are looking for, and we know that every business is different, please do not hesitate to get in touch and one of us will be happy to have a chat with you.


How much will it cost?

The cost of all GPD services isn’t set in stone, it depends on the scope of the work, amount of time that we need to spend with your business, the aspects of your business you need business services for, and the type of support that you are after. GPD wants our solutions to be affordable, and will offer great value for money and return on investment.

Where can GPD Business Services come to?

Some of GPD’s services can be performed over the phone or online, in which case we can perform our services for companies anywhere in the world. If you want face to face interaction and service then GPD Business Services are available for businesses throughout the UK, particularly focusing on the Midlands area.

Do GPD have to come into my business?

GPD Business Services doesn’t have to come to your place of business to fulfil our services. We can arrange one to one meetings away from the workplace, as well as Skype video calls and phone calls if that is the way that you would prefer to engage our services.

Can GPD just give me advice?

If you are just looking for advice rather than the more traditional consulting service, or advice for one of our other areas of expertise, then GPD Business Services are at your disposal. We can arrange face to face meetings, phone calls or video calls to offer you advice on one of our services without being in your business .as traditional consultants would be.

Can GPD work from within my business?

Absolutely! Often it is helpful to see a business in action before we make suggestions for improvement. We can come in to your business for any length of time, a day, a week, a month or longer, to observe how you work and where things can be more efficient. Alternatively we can work in your business as an interim manager, who would be responsible for a department and increasing productivity, and hopefully profits.

Can GPD review my business literature?

Yes! GPD Business Services can do several things that can help you to review your business literature. Whether that’s a process document, training manual, blog post or newsletter, we can help. GPD Business Services can offer content reviews, where we look at the content of your business literature and make suggestions on how it can be improved, and we can offer an editing service, which will review the English, including grammar and sentence structure.

Can you check the content of my business documents?

Absolutely! Business documents are an important part of the running of any business, and as such we can review the content within them for you.

Can I use more than one GPD service at a time?

You can use a whole range of GPD services in a way that suits you. You can combine them in any way to get the results you want, and in many cases the services will overlap naturally as well.

Where is GPD Business Services based?

GPD Business Services are based in the Midlands, though we are willing to travel anywhere in the UK.

Do GPD have to work with my whole business at the same time?

Not at all. While GPD Business Services can consult on your entire business, this is often not practical for you. If only one department, or one office, in the company needs that little extra boost, then GPD Business Services can offer help to that department or office, without interfering with the rest of the business.

Can GPD come into my business for a day?

GPD can come into your business for any amount of time, even if that is just a day! We can also be around your business for a week, month, year or more, depending on the service that you need.

Can GPD help my start-up business?

Yes! GPD offers a mentoring service for start-up businesses or individuals, which can really help your business to get off the ground. We are also able to give advice on the best way to go about things and fill in the gaps in experience and knowledge that you have. We are also able to provide you with freelance workers to aid you with design and other elements of your business that you’ll need once but can’t afford a full time member of staff to do.

Can I ask questions over the phone?

Absolutely! GPD are willing to offer advice as well as the majority of our services over the phone, or via Skype calls.

How long do I have to use GPD for?

There is no minimum length of time for which you have to use GPD Business Services! We can be available to work with your business for a day, a week, a month, a year or longer. We can even just be available for one meeting or a phone call. Because our services are all ad hoc and designed with you in mind, the amount of time you work with us can be flexible!

How do I know that the solutions you’re giving aren’t just off the shelf?

GPD pride ourselves in the fact that our solutions are completely ad hoc and designed with your business and goals in mind. This bespoke approach means that every solution is different, and as such can’t be off the shelf!

Can GPD work with individual departments rather than my whole business?

Yes! GPD can work with the business as a whole, but we can also consult and offer other services, to individual departments!

Can GPD help implement the changes you suggest?

GPD can either; simply provide you with the solutions, preside over the implementation of the solutions or complete an after implementation audit. We can also do two or all three of these for your business. Whether or not we oversee the implementation of the changes depends on your business and your needs!

Where will GPD Business Services travel to?

GPD Business Services is based in the Midlands, and predominantly works in that area, however GPD Business Services are also able to travel anywhere in the UK if necessary.